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Gastronomía | Isla de Ibiza

Gastronomy of Ibiza

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The best dishes in Ibiza

Ibiza´s traditional cuisine is varied, Mediterranean in origin and exquisite in taste. Its gastronomy reflects the culture and history of the island. The most typical dishes are ”burida de ratjada”. Fresh fish cooked with almonds. Lobster and squid cooked in a herb sauce. or the “guisat of marisc” Delicious casserole of fish and shellfish.

We must also tell you about “arroz de Matanzas”, which is a typical rice based dish made from pork and home made sausage. The “sofrit Pages” is a festive dish, made from many types of meat and piquant sausage with potatoes. Sausage types are sobrasada, butifarrro, and cooked with potatoes. All these dishes are made using local produce. If you prefer simpler fare , Pa amb oli makes a perfect snack. It is slices of bread, spread with tomato, oil and salt and filled with stuffed meats and cheese. Normally it is served with a variety of cheeses and/or coques, open savoury tarts, topped with grilled vegetables. There is also a great diversity in desserts.The most important specialties are Flao, a cheesecake with mint and herbs, “ Orelletes,” a local cookie, made with anisette.” bunuellos” a type of doughnut. Greixonera is a type of bun, soaked in milk and caramel and with raisins.

Ibiza has many traditional liquers, Frigola is made from herbs marinated in anisette, the result is a sweet liquer with herbal fragrances. These liquers are considered aids to digestion and are normally served after lunch. Make sure it is served cold... it is delicious.



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