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How to get there and get around Ibiza

You've already decided on it: Ibiza is your holiday destination. You’ve chosen the area of the island and your Playasol hotel. And now, how do I get to Ibiza? Take it easy! During low season the island is as good as big cities and their connections. The island of Ibiza is perfectly connected to the rest of Spain as well as other countries in Europe.

Within Europe, the best way to get here is by plane. From the rest of Spain, you can also travel by boat. The choice of one or the other basically depends on where you reside and if you choose to take your own vehicle with you.



Plane is the most convenient and quickest way of getting to Ibiza, and is almost always the cheapest way too. If you book in advance you can get offers on return flights for just over €40.

There are many low cost airlines such as Vueling (from Barcelona, Madrid and Bilbao), Easyjet (Bilbao and Madrid) and of course, Ryanair (from multiple points in Europe). In addition, there are plenty of companies that can fulfill your dream of getting to Ibiza, but at an even higher price, however, you´ll be more comfortable.

Ibiza Airport is in a relatively central location, just 7.5 km from the Ibiza town, so travelling by plane is a great option if you want to get here and travel to any point of the island with ease.


Travelling by boat to Ibiza should be weighed up if you’re coming from Barcelona, Denia, Formentera, Mallorca or Valencia. From the rest of Spain, although it is not so practical, it is interesting for those who might prefer to travel with their own car. If you’re coming from Europe, we do not recommend this option, because the sooner you reach Ibiza... the better!

And once I’ve reached Ibiza?

One of the few areas where Ibiza needs to improve is its public transport, so we do recommend that you hire private transport to explore the island and that way you won´t miss out on any of its secrets! You’ll find numerous car, motorbike and bicycle hire companies (both at the airport and the seaport).

Remember, you are on a small island where distances are not so long. Think of driving in a straight line, from one point to another on the island, the longest distance you’ll find is 45km before you bump into the Mediterranean waters.

You decide: If you opt for the car, you’ll enjoy the comfort and the space that cars provide, although in high season you might get stuck in a traffic jam or a queue at the car hire company. If you opt for the motorbike you can avoid long queues and traffic jams during high season, although you’ll be more dependent on the weather. Lastly, if you go for the bicycle, you’ll be respecting the environment and doing exercise at the same time, although you will take longer to arrive at your destinations. Deciding on your means of transport will be the most difficult part, because enjoying to the max will be pretty darn easy!

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