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Welcome to Playasol Ibiza Hotels corporate service

We want to welcome you to our corporate service area made exclusively for our hotel partners where you will be able to book easily and securely through an easy procedure.

All payments may be made by credit card or through bank transfer. If you are a business please register here and if you are an agency you may register here. Our team will contact you as soon as possible to welcome you to our program and provide you with more details.

Your username and password will be sent within 3 (working) days of your registration.

Payment options:

100% of payment is paid by client upon his/hers arrival to the hotel. At the time of the booking a credit card number is required to confirm the booking. Cancellations must be made free of charge 48 hours prior to arrival. Once client has checked out of the hotel the agency will send us the invoice with the corresponding commission added to the final import (+ VAT). Once our department has received the invoice we’ll proceed with the payment through bank transfer.

90% of payment is made by agency by credit card or bank transfer before client’s arrival to the hotel. Payment is nonrefundable. Agency must send a request to info@grupoplayasol.com. Payments must be made to up to 7 days prior to client’s arrival. With this option all cancellations must be made free of charge to up to 7 days prior to arrival. In addition, the agency must facilitate the following documents:

Bank card: Agency is required to send an authorization form along with copy of bank card and identification card.

Bank transfer: Agency must send the bank transfer confirmation to Playasol Ibiza Hotels. Please note all bank transfers must include in the subject the booking number for the booking being paid.

For further information please send an email to info@grupoplayasol.com

To manage bookings from business partners and travel agencies please enter your business/ agency code.>

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